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A child is standing in front of the door.  She toddles her way to the door.  As she says "InDoWha",
the door opens wide.
[ As my elder sister says "InDoWha" in front of the door when she was young, my parents used to open the door. – Origin of "InDoWha" ]

InDoWha is a small design studio run by Seungpyo Hong, a graphic artist and writer.
InDoWha is a brand-strategic design studio which characterizes individuals and organizations
and creates new images of them in modern society where Identity gets important.
In addition, it realizes Everyday life in Design, Design in Everyday life by using design as a
means to amuse us in everyday life.
InDoWha develops various tangible and intangible contents in order for design refreshing and
enriching your mind. Now design is like air that men live with.

InDoWha Homepage Credit
Planning & Art Direction : InDoWha (Seungpyo Hong)
Design & Produce : Gogoon Works

Copyright ⓒ 2004 InDoWha all rights reserved